Welcome to The Feminist’s Guide to New York City!

When a community develops a strong knowledge and appreciation for the histories and contributions of women, a community becomes stronger, more inspired, and women become more confident in their abilities, both individual and collective. This is what The Feminist’s Guide to New York City is all about.

While great progress has been made toward recognizing the current contributions women make in every realm of culture and society, the histories of those before us still remain to a large extent, afterthoughts and anecdotes. But the truth is; women have always been involved as vital members in all aspects of life, from politics, to medicine, to the battlefield, and beyond. We must come together to ensure that this truth is not only recognized, but also celebrated. And we must take it upon ourselves, its up to us!

New York City is full of memorials dedicated to trailblazing women, houses where famous females once lived, businesses that operate using feminist principals, places where women made history, and more. Whether you live in New York City or are visiting, learning about these sites will add more value to your time on these busy streets.

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Lucille Ball Shirley Chisholm Margaret Sanger Margaret Mead Mae West Madame CJ Walker Joan of Arc Jackie Kennedy


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